Bree Taylor LLC was created to empowHER women to become their true, authentic selves—day in and day out.  Bree Wysocki's vision and dream has always been to create a space where women of different shapes, sizes, ages, cultures, and lifestyles could come together in conversation and purpose to discover the power of their potential and use it to create in themselves and in this world.  

In order for this space to exist, Bree knew she needed to share her own experiences of overcoming challenges and pushing herself to the next level.  If she could show the strength of her own vulnerability, other women and girls would find their strength too--creating a strong and supportive community of women who learn from one another and grow stronger together. 

To see women empowHER each other is something special. 

Beautifully EmpowHERed was created enhance the lives of ALL women by creating empowering online and offline communities and opportunities where women connect with, inspire and encourage one another to be unapologetically their true selves.

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Our Team at Beautifully EmpowHERed

Bree Wysocki, Owner, Founder and CEO

Bree is a force of good in this world and is on a mission to make sure ALL women feel loved, cared for, and can truly be who they want to be.  Her passion for helping others and her non-stop energy (seriously, we’re not sure when she sleeps) is contagious and as the CEO of Beautifully EmpowHERed she makes sure that every member of our community feels included, accepted and heard.

Bree Wysocki

Heather Kozik, Chief Operations Officer

Heather is a creative, kind-hearted person who can successfully manage a family and a classroom–and Beautifully EmpowHERed.  She is the person you want in your corner, always there to support and inspire you to be the very best version of YOU.  As the COO of Beautifully EmpowHERed, Heather is the keeper of our vision and the one who keeps everything running smooth. 

Ladonna Grandberry, Chief Community Officer

If there is strength in sharing our stories, then Ladonna is the strongest woman we know. She joined Beautifully EmpowHERed to find her voice and regain her confidence while building relationships with other women inside of the community.  This makes her the perfect person to be our CCO, leading all of our community-building efforts and engaging our members in online and offline conversation.

Ladonna Grandberry
Nerissa Phillips

Nerissa Phillips, Chief Development Officer

When Nerissa walks into a room, you can physically feel the energy shift.  People are instantly drawn to her bold and bubbly personality and gravitate towards her bright light of optimism.  Nerissa is Beautifully EmpowHERed’s CDO and is charged with implementing all of our big, beautiful ideas and look for new ways we can grow the BE community to reach and engage more women and partners.